martes, 26 de agosto de 2008

This Beautiful Republic - Perceptions (2008)

1. Pain
2. Surrender Saved My Life
3. Learning To Fall
4. Beautifully Broken
5. No Turning Back
6. My God
7. For The Life Of Me
8. Last Second Chance
9. Stay With You Tonight
10. Change The World
11. A Point Between Extremes
12. The Ones
13. Say Goodnight

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UNDEROATH "Lost In Sound Of Separation"

1. Breathing In A New Mentality
2. Anyone Can Dig A Hole But It Takes A Real Man To Call It Home
3. A Fault Line, A Fault Of Mine
4. Emergency Broadcast :: The End Is Near
5. The Only Survivor Is Miraculously Unharmed
6. We Are The Involuntary
7. The Created Void
8. Coming Down Is Calming Down
9. Desperate Times, Desperate Measures
10. Too Bright To See, Too Loud To Hear
11. Desolate Earth :: The End Is Here

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miércoles, 20 de agosto de 2008

Discover The Trees Again: The Best Of Falling Up

Grupo/Band: Falling Up
Album: Discover The Trees Again: The Best Of Falling Up
Año/Release year: 2008
Género/Genre: Alternative/Rock
Official website: Website
Link myspace: Myspace
Link purevolume: Purevolume

1. Broken Heart
2. Hotel Aquarium
3. Moonlit
4. Exit Calypsan (Into The Ice Cave)
5. Escalates
6. Contact
7. Searchlights (Indoor Soccer)
8. Good Morning Planetarium
9. Bittersweet
10. Islander
11. Symmetry
12. Flights
13. Falling In Love
14. Goodnight Gravity
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