viernes, 25 de julio de 2008

The Classic Crime - "The Silver Cord"

01. The End
02. Just A Man
03. Gravedigging
04. The Way That You Are
05. 5805
06. Salt In The Snow
07. Abracadavers
08. R&R
09. God And Drugs
10. Medisin
11. The Ascent
12. Sing
13. Everything
14. Closer Than We Think
15. The Beginning (A Simple Seed)

Grupo/Band: The Classic Crime
Album: The Silver CordAño/
Release year: 2008
Género/Genre: Emo/Alt. Rock
Página oficial/Official website: Website
Link myspace: Myspace
Link purevolume: Purevolume
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martes, 8 de julio de 2008

Kutless - To Know That You're Alive (2008)

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c.2008 R.I.P.

Relient K - The Bird & The Bee Sides (2008)

1. Where Do I Go From Here
2. The Scene And Herd
3. At Least We Made It This Far
4. The Last, The Lost, The Least
5. The Lining Is Silver
6. There Was No Thief
7. No Reaction
8. Curl Up And Die
9. You'll Always Be My Friend
10. There Was Another Time In My Life
11. Beaming
12. I Just Want You To Know
13. Bee Your Man
14. Up And Up (Acoustic)
15. Wit's All Been Done Before
16. The Vinyl Countdown
17. For The Band
18. Nothing Without You
19. A Penny Loafer Saved Is A Penny Loafer Earned
20. Five Iron Frenzy Is Either Dead Or Dying
21. Five Iron Frenzy Is Either Dead Or Dying (Ska Version)
22. Who I Am Hates Who I've Been (Acoustic)
23. Here I Go (Demo)
24. The Stenographer (Demo)
25. Jefferson Aeroplane (Demo)
26. Hope For Every Fallen Man (Acoustic)
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